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Up until July 2, Google had been allowed access to Twitter’s data stream in real time, allowing it to feed tweets into the main body of its search engine and power Google Realtime, a dedicated search engine to live information.The deal was announced by top Google search executive Marissa Mayer in October 2009 at the high profile Web 2.0 Summit. The partnership was seen as a way that the search giant could quickly and easily improve the relevancy of its search index, which had started to look out of date following the advent of Twitter and real-time information. Google was believed to have somewhere close to $20 million for the access.A Google spokesman said: “Since October of 2009, we have had an agreement with Twitter to include their updates in our search results through a special feed, and that agreement expired on July 2.“While we will not have access to this special feed from Twitter, information on Twitter that’s publicly available to our crawlers will still be searchable and discoverable on Google.”Evan Williams, one of the Twitter founders, told The Telegraph in an interview last year that deal was set up on a rolling contract. He left the firm a few months ago.

via Google Realtime search suspended after Twitter deal ends – Telegraph.