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XXX is coming as a way for adult-oriented websites to distinguish themselves from .mil, .edu, .gov and other top-level internet domains. This raises a problem for current trademark and domain name holders, who have been wondering whether to ignore it or to buy their .xxx domain just to stop someone else from using it. However, ICM Registry, the Florida-based company behind .xxx, has just announced an alternative. It is willing to block names during the “sunrise” pre-launch period in exchange for a one-off fee of perhaps $200 to $300 to cover costs.

Although this is expensive, it might be cheaper than taking legal action, given that the internet is a very badly regulated global marketplace and a natural home for every sort of spammer and scammer.

There are 50 days to the launch of XXX, and the ICM Registry launch site says: “Sunrise B is the time when trademark owners…

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