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Posted: 09/05/2011 in Digital, Movies, Photography
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superman man of steeel

Either Henry Cavill went off his on a very strict diet or l hope they have that Superman suit in one size larger. Maybe it shrunk in the dryer? What I’m saying is that the Superman outfit is too tight.

This was the first official picture from the set.

Laurence Fishburne joins the cast.

…and so does Christopher Meloni

This is footage from the most recent Superman.

They’re still shooting the next Superman (reboot? remake? remimaging?) in Plano Illinois and by all accounts, it looks fine. I have posted barely any Superman: Man of Steel photos because it’s no where near as exciting as the Dark Knight Rises photos that came out of Pittsburgh. I mean, I’m sure there will be exciting moments in the Superman film (see below, helicopters, dismantled streets), but it’s more just shrug worthy than anything. Except now you can see Superman’s penis. Which is nice.

Superman: Man of Steel is to Dark Knight Rises like a Pee Wee football player is to Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers. Just a bunch of people laughing at Superman, going “Aw, that’s so cute.”

It’s a buldging good time!

This has to be fake- right?

“Haha, oh crew, you’re so funny- but seriously, I’m feeling dizzy.”

Oh man, traffic is going to be so bad now.

Now am I supposed to take the kids to soccer practice?

Cue: “Flight of the Valkryies”

FACT: This isn’t from the movie. FACT: I would be more excited for this movie if it was.

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  1. I sorta like the tight suit.. 😉
    Great post!

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